Top 5 Things of the the 2010-2011 Season thus far

1. Toronto Maple Leafs surprising fast start

Last season, the Leafs were one of the worst teams in the National Hockey League, ending with a 30-38-0-14 record.  This season they are off to a hot start (4-0-0-1).  No loses in regulation is pretty good if you ask me.  Phil Kessel, as expected, is leading the way with five goals and seven points.  Also playing strongly is Clarke MacArthur, which comes in as a bit of a surprise.  Jean-Sebastian Giguere has been solid in net letting in less than 2 goals against per game.  The rest of the Leaf squad has been pretty solid also.  All the Leafs have to do is keep the momentum going and gain a decent point lead in the standings.

2. Jonathan Quick showing why he is the starter

Quick, of the Los Angeles Kings, has been playing phenomenal.  He has a .963 save percentage and a 0.97 goals-against average.  I mentioned in one of my older posts about the controversy the Los Angeles Kings have in goal between Quick and backup Jonathan Bernier.  Right now Quick is showing that this is still his team and job, despite Bernier having the potential to take the job away at any moment.

3. Rookie Jordan Eberle’s First Goal

Just watch the replay of the goal.  It is pretty self explanatory and a potential pick for goal of the year.

4. Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco:  NHL is tougher than the NFL

The two Cincinnati Bengal wide receivers were asked about the toughest sports leagues on their television show: T.OCHO.  Both of them agreed that the NHL is tougher than the NFL.  I would have to agree with them.  It is not because of the fighting, but the high speed of the game.  Collisions have a lot more impact and you can get crushed into the boards.  The NFL also is pretty tough, some of the hits that players take are huge.  Coming from these two, it is pretty sweet to have them complement the NHL.  That could be because they are my two favorite players in the NFL, but overall I am just stoked about it.

5. Cam Fowler, Anaheim Ducks

After slipping the the Ducks in the first round to the 12th pick after being projected as a top 5 pick all season, Fowler has proven every team he passed on wrong so far.  He is the one bright spot this season on a Anaheim team that has struggled this season.  In six games the defenseman has one goal and three points, while also averaging 20 minutes of ice time.  The 19 year old is showing that he is capable of playing in the league now.  If Anaheim does not keep him after the nine game rule, where rookies can play nine games in the NHL before the club can decide to send them back to juniors, they would be making a mistake.  I believe that Fowler is definitely ready, and Anaheim need a defenseman that can quarterback a power play.



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